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Favorite Finds #17

Hi Readers,
It has been a couple weeks since I last did a Favorite Finds post. Because of that, I have a bigger collection of links to share with you all today! Hope you will find something interesting below...

For my first link, I must share that Hannah Grace has recently posted some Favorite Finds on her own blog. I was thrilled! Take a look here:
Favourite Finds Friday, #1... {Walking in Thy Truth}

I'd also like to mention that if anyone else would like to post your own Favorite Finds, I'd be happy to link to your blog for that.

A list of more blog posts that I enjoyed reading lately....

Favorites of 2010 - Books {Before My Penn has Gleaned}

50 Books Reading Challenge (2010 list) {Blogging Beth}

days like pearls slipping off a string {Shirley Goodness & Mayhem} - Nifty webpage for the spelling of 'definitely'.

extra day {Ali's World Adventures}

How we are known {Resolved to Be}

Reflect. Rejoice. Resolve. {Simply Vingtagegirl}

Writer's Resources {Before My Penn has Gleaned}

Here's a section of links just for giveaways you could enter. Some are from my own friends, or from others that looked interesting.

Maria's Handmade Scarflette (Castle on a Cloud)

Health For Godly Generations by Renee DeGroot (ends January 8)

Authentic Beauty by Leslie Ludy (ends January 9)

Samantha: An American Girl DVD (ends January 10)

"Pink Paris" Wooden Wall Hanger (ends January 11)

Rosetta Stone Giveaway (ends January 11)

Andi's Pony Trouble by Susan K. Marlow - (ends January 20)


  1. You have been awarded at my blog Happy Healthy Home! Although don't feel pressured to do it.

  2. Im glad you like my blog!!!