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Favorite Finds #20

Below are links to my favorite finds of the last week.

Quiet winter days ~ from "A Bowl of Moss & Pebbles"
Breezy's thoughts upon the snow, including her delightful illustrations.

Treasures of Darkness ~ from "Rose's Daring Adventure"
Lovely poetic thoughts from Rachelle.

Creamy Strawberry Dessert ~ from "Marie-Madeline Studio"
Oh so scrumptious! I want to taste some.

i have a pet tiger. ~ from "IrishGirl"
Cute kitties do look like tigers, don't they?

Stretching The Imagination ~ from "Christ is Write"
Warm-up writing exercises and such.

in a red sorta mood ~ from "Ooooooh la la!"
Some splendidly red objects to gaze upon.

Why I Write ~ from "Rose's Daring Adventure"
Another post about writing which I was completely absorbed in.

Also, Elisabeth and Hannah Grace have each recently posted some of their Favorite Finds, so be sure to check out their links too!

Did you find any wonderful blog posts to read?


  1. Great finds! I love Favorite Finds...I hope I can join next week:D

  2. Cool blog! I love books!

  3. Thank you so much for including me! That is so sweet that you were 'absorbed'! :)