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A Tale from the Snowstorm

One of the my favorite things about the startling blizzard that recently passed though our area was...

...this pair of mourning doves.

They sat together, right outside of our living room front window.
(the perfect place for me to stay cozy inside and take pictures
of the outdoor action)

We first noticed the pair sitting outside the window before 9 o'clock that morning.

The doves continued to stay as the thick snow landed on their backs.
Occasionally they would shake cold, white fluffiness off their necks.

This one particular birdie did not seem to mind that is was quite literally
being buried in the snow.
I felt sorry for it, since it must have been so cold.

The snow kept piling up... and covering this poor dove.
The second bird moved about a bit more.

For at least 5 hours, these birdies endured the cold, wet snow
building up around them. I returned to the window at about 2 o'clock in the afternoon, to check on them again.

The two mourning doves had left...
leaving an empty spot in the fresh snow
and a sad place in my heart.


  1. Lovely snowy pics! I'm glad the doves warmed up enough to fly off. :)
    God bless

  2. Hopefully they found a warm shelter somewhere.

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  3. Those doves look so sweet. WE don't really have blizzards where we live and certainly not mourning doves in the snow. I wonder why they stayed there.

  4. Anonymous2/17/2011

    Awesome post. Do you mind if I ask what your source is for this information?

  5. Anonymous,
    (Do you have a name? I've read so many of your comments before, and I'm curious as to who you are! Have a blog?)

    I don't know exactly what you mean about my source of information, as those were my pictures, my story, etc. The source would then be from my head. :)

    ~ Tarissa

  6. I'd love to see those birds outside our window! :-D Nice pics.

  7. Absolutely Gorgeous Pics! Super cute, and what a unique shot!

  8. Oh my goodness! I've never seen such a little bird covered in snow! You'd think he would want to brush it off himself. These are beautiful pictures! I don't think I've ever seen a bird frolicking in the snow before.

  9. Oh my... what beautiful snow pictures! Thank you for sharing!!

    Many Blessings~ Jen

  10. Oh, my goodness! That was so cool! Thanks for sharing. I can't believe they sat there for that long. Simply amazing.

    One of the stories you participated in for Pass the Paper is finished. Go check it out so see how it ended for little Janelle.