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Favorite Finds #26

Here's some "Favorite Finds" links that I have found particularly interesting to read this past week.

These first four all come from the Inspiring Daring blog. It's a wonderful series of posts if you have time to read them all.

Mrs. Noah Series, Part One

Mrs. Noah Series, Part Two

Mrs. Noah Series, Part Three

Mrs. Noah Series, Part Four

And here's a few more from other blogs which you should check out too.

Doubt: That Horrible, Creeping Thing

{ whisperings of the pen }

diy: scrap busting pot holders

{ my girl thursday }

Words in Time

{ scribbles and ink stains }


  1. Anonymous8/19/2011

    Thank you, Tarissa! I am very flattered to be listed here. ^.^ Can't wait to read through all these blog posts!

  2. I loved the Mrs. Noah Series too!

  3. Oh, Tarissa, today is the first day of classes and I was feeling a bit overwhelmed but someone tapped me on the shoulder and pointed me to this post (ahem, Sarah!). This almost makes me cry that you would deem my little series worthy of sharing! Thank you so much, dear friend(s).