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My favorite selections from 'Little Men' & 'Jo's Boys'.

I have so enjoyed reading some of Louisa May Alcott's writings this summer. Her work is always beautifully done, and each chapter evokes such a charm. A few weeks ago, I shared with you my favorite selections from Little Women. Now that I've read the sequels, Little Men and Jo's Boys, I have new quotes to share! These particular selections jump out at me as being quite well-written, and described so wonderfully. Enjoy!
A quote from young Demi... "I found a very pretty book one day and wanted to play with it, but Grandpa said I mustn't, and showed me the pictures, and told me about them, and I liked the stories very much, all about Joseph and his bad brothers, and the frogs that came up out of the sea, and dear little Moses in the water, and ever so many more lovely ones, but I liked about the Good Man best of all, and Grandpa told it to me so many times that I learned it by heart, and he gave me this picture so I shouldn't forget..." ... Little Men, Chapter III

Mr. Laurie's grand idea... "I've been thinking that it would be a good plan for you fellows to have a museum of your own; a place in which to collect all the curious and interesting things that you find, and make, and have given you. Mrs. Jo is too kind to complain, but it is rather hard for her to have the house littered up with all sorts of rattletraps, half-a-pint of dor-bugs in one of her best vases, for instance, a couple of dead bats nailed up in the back entry, wasps nests tumbling down on people's heads, and stones lying round everywhere, enough to pave the avenue. There are not many women who would stand that sort of thing, are there, now?" ... Little Men, Chapter XI

... "Please, ma'am, could you lend us the girls for a little while? We'll be very careful of them," said Tommy, winking one eye to express apples, snapping his fingers to signify pop-corn, and gnashing his teeth to convey the idea of nut-cracking. The girls understood this pantomime at once, and began to pull off their thimbles before Mrs. Jo could decide whether Tommy was going into convulsions or was brewing some unusual piece of mischief. ... Little Men, Chapter XX

Wise words of Mrs. Jo... "I only want to give these children a home in which they can be taught a few simple things which will help to make life less hard to them when they go out to fight their battles in the world. Honesty, courage, industry, faith in God, their fellow-creatures, and themselves; that is all I try for." ... Little Men, Chapter XXI

The photographer... Demi, finding business dull, solaced his leisure by photographing everybody he could induce to sit or stand to him, producing some excellent pictures among many failures; for he had a pretty taste in grouping, and endless patience. He might be said to view the world through the lens of his camera, and seemed to enjoy himself very much squinting at his fellow beings from under a bit of black cambric. ... Jo's Boys, Chapter V

Mrs. Jo's dream shipwreck... "I've always thought I'd like to see a wreck, a nice safe one with all saved after great danger and heroic deeds, while we clung like Mr Pillicoddy to main-top jibs and lee scuppers." ... Jo's Boys, Chapter VI

... "Take some books and read; that's an immense help; and books are always good company if you have the right sort. Let me pick out some for you." And Mrs Jo made a bee-line to the well-laden shelves, which were the joy of her heart and the comfort of her life. ... Jo's Boys, Chapter VI

... It was curious to see the prejudices melt away as ignorance was enlightened, indifference change to interest, and intelligent minds set thinking, while quick wits and lively tongues added spice to the discussions which inevitably followed. So the feet that wore the neatly mended hose carried wiser heads than before, the pretty gowns covered hearts warmed with higher purposes, and the hands that dropped the thimbles for pens, lexicons, and celestial globes, were better fitted for life's work, whether to rock cradles, tend the sick, or help on the great work of the world. ... Jo's Boys, Chapter XXVII

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  1. Jo was my favorite character from the Little Women books.