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Posting book reviews online

Many bloggers (like myself) enjoy posting book reviews on their blogs. It's a great way to interest your blog readers and start book discussions! To take it a step further, I also like sharing my reviews on other commercial book-selling websites, to express my opinion and guide other people---people who will never read my blog, but my personal ratings will be available to them regardless.

Below is a list of websites that encourage reviews to be written, and would be great places for you to add your own book reviews!

Barnes & Noble
Google Books

Sometimes, to get your reviews out there to help people that are looking at books in a certain category, you may find additional sites for this purpose. For example, homeschool-approved fiction or Christian fiction. If a certain book you've read is featured by homeschool curriculums, it may be available to review on websites like these and others:

Christian Book
Rainbow Resource

Ebooks are another whole category! Remember that you can write reviews on ebooks. You can post Kindle and Nook book reviews on Amazon and B&N websites, respectively. Smashwords is another possible option for ebooks from independent authors.

You may want to check out publishers' or authors' websites, where there may be customer ratings. For example, Lamplighter, Tyndale, etc. If your local library has a website, they may have an online reviewing system. My library actually incorporates GoodReads as their reviewing system---thus, if my review (or your review!) is on GoodReads, then it shows up on the library website.

I personally do not post each of my book reviews on all of these websites listed above, but this is a basic list that I run through when I want to get a review out there. There are numerous other websites available that would be great resources to add reviews on.
What sites would you recommend for posting reviews?

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  1. Wow! Some great links up there - I was actually looking for some more book-seller websites!

  2. Excellent list Tarrisa! I need to write up more reviews than I do (I mean besides my blog). ;)

    YES! Our library just incorporated GoodReads into our system as well - so helpful and very exciting!

    Just curiosity, what makes you want to "get a book out there" and review it? Are you more likely to review a bad book or a great book on sites?

    Love in Christ!
    {And thank you for adding me to your GoodReads my dear} ;)
    Talk to you again soon,

    P.S. - did you ever get the email I sent you about an interview?

  3. Great questions, Rachel.
    When I'm deciding whether to read a book or not, I rely heavily upon the reviews that I read of it---I usually get on Amazon or GoodReads to research and find out the general opinion of the book, and decide if I really want to read it. Because of that, I like to contribute my own thoughts too, hoping to help out someone else like me. I like to review both the bad books and the great books---especially the bad ones, to warn others of it(!!) and especially the extra-awesome ones, to tell people how wonderful it is! I don't generally post the negative reviews on my blog---I just keep those for the book-selling sites.

  4. Okay, great! :) Thanks! Yup, I do about the same - the bad ones especially as I don't like others being surprised by a book that looks good but ends up not being that great, and *especially* if it has inappropriate content in it that you may not have seen from the descriptions. :/

    And thank you for telling me about the interview. :) I understand your misgivings about it. {though I think you'd do splendidly my dear! <3 Next time I ask you I'll have to include the questions I was thinking of asking you so you can see them ahead of time and see if you'd like to do it. ;)}

    Love in Christ!
    Have a lovely day!