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My favorite books in 2012

It has been a wonderful year of reading for me. What about you?

The first few months of the year were taken up with Titanic research for the 100th anniversary, afterwhich I drifted into some classic literature lasting throughout the summertime. Then I really started tackling some of the extra books that I had been stocking up on (including the e-books!)... and I had a very satisfying year filled with great stories, wisdom, and learning.

The Grand Total: 60 books

Here are my top 10 favorite reads from 2012 (in no particular order):

The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom
The biography of Corrie ten Boom's life during World War II is amazing. So much is packed into this profound book! A very inspirational story that everyone should read.
{See my full review.}

A Night to Remember by Walter Lord
Tells about the sinking of the Titanic, as seen and quoted by the surviving passengers. It is interesting to read the different points of view the passengers had, sometimes with their stories contradicting each other.

The Night Lives On by Walter Lord
This book has so many details about the Titanic packed into it, that it's hard to believe one author wrote it all! The entire story of the ship, her passengers, survivors... everything you wish to know on the subject is found in this book.

In His Steps by Charles Sheldon
One of those rare inspirational stories with so many moral lessons in it which you'll remember for a lifetime. Through this fictional story, these words of wisdom shine forth: "What would Jesus do?" This question becomes both a thinking pattern and a lifestyle for all to learn.

Running for My Life by Lopez Lomong
The wonderful, inspirational, true story of an African boy who faced many challenges. If it hadn't been for the deaths occurring around him, the hot, dry land that Sudan is made of, and the deep poverty of his people, he wouldn't have made it to the Olympic Games as a triumphant athlete.

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens
This is David Copperfield's story---from childhood to adulthood. Barely a chapter passed by that I didn't laugh at a scene, or a particular sentence, or even a certain word, the way Dickens wedged it in there. If you're looking for a work of classic literature that has some humor in it... read David Copperfield!

A Shepherd Looks at the Good Shepherd by Phillip Keller
After reading this book, I understand now, more than ever, exactly what it takes to be a shepherd of sheep. And, in turn, exactly what our Shepherd does for His sheep, and how much He loves us. An excellent read!

The Apothecary's Daughter by Julie Klassen
A beautiful story that takes place in England during the 1800's. My favorite parts pertain to the medical side of the story, like the natural medicines with Latin names that Lilly prepares in her father's apothecary. Overall, quite charming!

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
Miss Alcott's writings always evoke such a timeless charm. I also wanted to include Little Men and Jo's Boys in my top 10 list this year, but felt it would take up to many spots. Nonetheless, each of these books are a favorite of mine!

A Christmas Home by Greg Kincaid
The third installment of Kincaid's series about the McCray family. Another beautifully-written Christmas story! I so enjoy taking in the elements that these books offer... dogs, country life, farms, a small town... growing and enduring as a family.

What books did you enjoy this past year?


  1. Wow, 60 books - that's amazing Tarissa! :D Good job!

    I like your list a lot! :) The Hiding Place and Little Women and In His Steps, always good reads; and I definitely want to read the Shepherd book sometime. I shall know who to ask for good recommendations if I ever decide to read a Titanic book! ;)

    Love and Hugs my book-loving friend and a prayer for a blessed and joyous new year!

  2. I didn't like the Hiding Place. At all. I already did two MAJOR projects of WWII and mum said I didn't have to read ti if I didn''t want to.
    BUT, I can recommend several series -
    The Warrior Cats Series
    The Brotherband Series
    The Rangers Apperntince
    Love Sararose xox

  3. I loved The Hiding Place. I read it several years ago so I should really re-read it sometime. My sister keeps telling me to read David Copperfield so I should read that soon! And The Apothecary's Daughter is my favorite of Julie Klassen's (so far, since her newest came out January 1st). I studying to be a nurse, so I loved the medical information.

    So over the summer I started Little Women but didn't finish. :( I got sidetracked! I think I should start over this year. I did read Alcott's Hospital Sketches. It's a very short book about her time as an Army nurse during the Civil War. It was fascinating! She was actually only a nurse for a couple of months because she contracted typhoid, but her stories are really interesting.

    I always love reading your posts. Keep it up! ;)