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Book Review: The Story Girl

The Story Girl

The Story Girl

written by L. M. Montgomery

388 pages
originally published in 1911

The Story Girl is a beautifully-written classic. A perfect piece of literature that could be enjoyed by anyone, young or old. Beverley and Felix (two brothers) get to visit their father's childhood home on Prince Edward Island. They meet up with the rest of the 'clan' living there, including several cousins and friends their own age, that they get to while away the summer with. The passing days include playful fancies, raucous romps, and poetic tales (as narrated by their cousin Sara Stanley, the Story Girl).

No matter what the children are up to, the Story Girl always has an amusing incident to tell about, whether truth or fiction. As the chapters flew by, I found myself amazed at just how many stories the Story Girl conveniently had memorized. It must be nice to have such enchanting things to tell, especially at just the right moments to share with others.

One thing to note: The children do get quite curious about religious subjects, and sometimes, when several of their young minds all give individual opinions, end up having a muddled view on certain points of the Bible. For me, this just added an extra bit of laughter!

L.M. Montgomery has a lovely writing style, always knowing how to convey the whimsical parts of story just right to give an extra spark, and playing out all the other emotions so appealingly. There are many scenes in this book which I just love, whether it was the children's banters, schemes, or naive tragedies. I don't think I'll ever grow tired of reading of her books!

P.S. The Story Girl is available in the public domain as a free download from websites like Amazon and Project Gutenberg.

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  1. I loved this book thoroughly! As I do all LM Montgomery! If you haven't read her journals, you must!

  2. I just downloaded it to my Kindle. I love L.M. Montgomery's writing.

  3. This is such a good book. I love L.M. Montgomery. Have you ever read The Golden Road, the sequel to this book?

  4. This was a GREAT read!Funny and entertaining the whole way though!

  5. Emily Ruth - Yes, I'm currently in the middle of reading The Golden Road. I went right into it after reading The Story Girl. Both are absolutely charming!

    Peggy Ann - I haven't read any of Montgomery's journals... but that is a very intriguing idea! Thanks!