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Book Review: Zane and the Hurricane

Zane and the Hurricane Zane and the Hurricane:
A Story of Katrina

written by Rodman Philbrick

184 pages, children's fiction
published in 2014

4 Star Rating 4 Star Rating 4 Star Rating 4 Star Rating

Zane Dupree, a boy from New Hampshire, is visiting relatives in Louisiana when a disastrous storm strikes: Hurricane Katrina. The tragedy leaves his life forever changed, but it allows readers a glimpse of the details of the horrific tragedy. But Zane knows nothing of the forthcoming tempest.

His father died before Zane was born. When, out of the blue, word arrives that his father's relatives are living in the New Orleans area, Zane's mom is eager for him to meet his great-grandmother, Trissy. He sets off on his summertime journey, although without much enthusiasm about making the trip. At least Bandit, his trusty dog, will be with him. Soon after, the fatal winds start to pick up in the Gulf Coast.

The aftermath of the 2005 hurricane, as told in the book, sound pretty gruesome sometimes, especially for younger readers, I'd expect. Through Zane's eyes, you are centered in the midst of the chaos and trauma, with horrible sights and smells, particularly in concerning the lives that Katrina took. I think for many readers, the scenes are eye-opening to the intensity of the hurricane situation and the wreckage it produced.

"Zane and the Hurricane" is a story of triumph through tragedy. It shows how, when in the depths of despair, banding together with the people around you can lead to great victory. It is the story of the human instinct for survival.

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