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Book Review: Adventures and Adversities

Adventures and Adversities Adventures and Adversities
Book #1 (Tales of Taelis)

written by Sarah Holman

314 pages, young adult fiction
published in 2013

5 Star Rating 5 Star Rating 5 Star Rating 5 Star Rating 5 Star Rating

My Review...

After reading Sarah Holman's epic novel, A Different Kind of Courage, last year, I've been itching to tackle another of her books. Adventures and Adversities didn't let me down. It's fantastic.

Alditha lives during the Middle Ages in the distant land of Taelis. After being snatched from her family's village by an overbearing king, she is forced to work as a servant in Castle Delmore. As a lowly servant, she is often picked on by those of royalty and wealth, and still beaten down by others of even her own status.

Living in the times when chopping a hand off for punishment was easily common, adversities seem to surround Alditha at every turn. To accidentally offend, embarrass or disobey anyone socially higher than herself would automatically heap unthinkable hardships onto her head. Alditha's life hasn't turned out to be at all what she expected, but this is the story of her strength and faith in God.

There's actually much more going on within the story than what first meets the eye. The story doesn't just stay in one place either, as there has to be some good, fast-paced "adventures" in there somewhere (as the title implies). You'll find the characters to each be charming or interesting in their own way. There's even a bit of sweet romance blooming.

Marion, Alditha's best friend she grew up with, is the sweetest type of selfless friend who will help you no matter what. Eleanor, who kindles a new friendship with Alditha, forges the family that Alditha needs, but has lost. I think these two other characters are my favorites in the story (aside from Alditha, of course), but there are many others the reader meets along the journey.

I just adore Adventures and Adversities, and felt it to be quite refreshing in the midst of all the books available on the market today. This is exactly what good, clean, Christian fiction is supposed to be. I think this book would be best enjoyed by pre-teens and young adults, although anyone could certainly appreciate the story.

Adventures and Adversities takes place historically in the Middle Ages, although in a fictional European country. I believe the author created a brand new setting like this, so that she can imagine up her own history of the place, instead of having to stick to actual details... and I love the setting of Taelis! It's a very picturesque land with rolling hills, small villages and stone castles. Perfect.

"We all doubt, my child. We all question at one point in time or another." His eyes sparkled as if the joy within could hardly be contained. "But there is a faith that lies on the other side of doubt that God gives. You will doubt, but hold onto your faith. Seek God and His son Jesus even as you doubt. He is a living God, slow to anger, and abounding in love. He will meet you where you are."

I'm greatly anticipating the upcoming release of Miss Holman's sequel, Brothers and Betrayal. Read Adventures and Adversities NOW to prepare yourself for book 2 in the Tales of Taelis series!

Author bio:
Sarah Holman is a not so typical mid-twenties girl: A homeschool graduate, sister to six awesome siblings, and author of five published books and counting. If there is anything adventuresome about her life, it is because she serves a God with a destiny bigger than anything she could have imagined.

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  1. Novel Eyre3/02/2015

    Now this sounds like a series I would like too! I should probably read it. :)

  2. Mandie3/10/2015

    Downloading a copy to read this weekend!

  3. Novel Eyre, If you do, I hope you enjoy.

    Mandie, when you are finished, drop by my blog to let me know what you think.