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2 Book Reviews: The Silver Chair & The Horse and His Boy

I read 2 books this July for Carrie's Narnia reading challenge in July. Check out my reviews for both books below. I'd love to hear about your thoughts too!

The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis

The Silver Chair

written by C.S. Lewis

243 pages // published in 1953 // children's fiction

My Review...

5 Star Rating

The Silver Chair is a wonderful book from the Chronicles on Narnia series. After me having not read a Narnia book in so long, this was like coming home again, having a re-introduction, a breath of magical Narnian air.

Eustace and his school buddy Jill stumble into Narnia, and are given a request from Aslan to complete a mission: to rescue Prince Rillian, son of King Caspian.

All in all, a good plot with a challenge set forth for the characters to complete. A general good vs. evil storyline. And Aslan reigns over all.

Loved it.

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The Horse and His Boy by C.S. Lewis

The Horse and His Boy

written by C.S. Lewis

254 pages // published in 1954 // children's fiction

My Review...

5 Star Rating

Another fantastic Narnia novel.

This one is different, I found, because the main character does not enter Narnia from another world. Instead, the characters (while not in Narnia) actually start out in a nearby country. It was a fascinating view of Aslan's country to see it from the eyes of a neighbor, not as a person from our Earth.

Shasta, a young boy adopted by the local Calormenes, is soon accompanied by Aravis, a Calormene girl. Including a pair of Talking Horses, the four journey towards Narnia together, each escaping their life's hardships. A few countries away, Narnia is in its Golden Age, with the beloved Pevensie siblings reigning; from a distance, it looks like the right place to be.

I found Shasta and Aravis to be convincing characters, people I could expect to meet anywhere. They might commit mistakes, but learn from it. They push on towards a common goal, and keep treading the dangerous path even when it hurts. I am equally fascinated by the new facets of Aslan that I saw emerge from the story. He is merciful, but also willing to show a person when they've gone to far in their actions. (How true of Him!)

"Do not dare not to dare." (The Horse and His Boy)

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  1. Those are some of my favorite Narnia books! They're not as popular, but so good! :)