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Book Review: A Sherlock Holmes Devotional

A Sherlock Holmes Devotional by Trisha White Priebe (5 star review)

A Sherlock Holmes Devotional
Uncovering the Mysteries of God

written by Trisha White Priebe

320 pages // published in 2015 // non-fiction // Christian devotional

My Review...

5 Star Rating

This book provides readers with how to look at the literary character of Sherlock Holmes from a Christian perspective, and furthermore, using the art of deduction to find God's everlasting mercies in your life. It's a unique, one-of-a-kind book, which combines two big things in my life: a fictional detective who has stood the test of time and God, who created time itself and everything in it.

The author grabs your attention immediately by beginning each devotional with an introduction on a topic either about Sherlock himself, a case he encountered, or the characters that frequent 221B Baker Street. She than switches the lens to focus in on the subject paired with scriptures that uncover the true motives behind popular features of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories. As the layers peel off, it is fascinating for me to see further into these snippets of literature than ever before. While reading Trisha White Priebe's book I began to perceive more things about Holmes and to renew my thoughts towards the Almighty.

"Truth: Sherlock Holmes found more of a friend in Dr. Watson than he ever did in his own brother, Mycroft. We, too, have a Friend who sticks closer than a brother." (Chapter 10, A Sherlock Holmes Devotional)

Fans of the Victorian-era detective, will delight in all of the interesting facts and "behind the scenes" information concerning their favorite fictional character and his author. While you're learning these thrilling things of historical import, the author is also revealing amazing truths about God and His unending love for His children.

"Even if our trials never make sense to us in this life, we can be certain they make sense to God. The tangles and knots we view from this vantage point will appear as a perfect work of art when studied from the perspective of heaven." (Chapter 5, A Sherlock Holmes Devotional)

Page after page, be prepared for awe and surprise. There are 60 devotionals in the book, and while I tried to pace myself to only read 1 a day (thinking that I could enjoy it for 2 whole months), I finished it quicker than I anticipated to, by "sheer accident".

I took many notes while reading it... of well-phrased words to remind me of His amazing grace, and also many intriguing things about a certain detective who never even took a breath. It's all just TOO GOOD. Wouldn't you like to know about Doyle's posthumous story just published in 2001? Or how U.S. presidents such as Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman took to Sherlock Holmes? Or even whom the evil Moriarty's character was based upon?

This was the perfect book for me --- so happy to have found it when I did! I'll probably have to read it again one day, after I finish reading the entire Holmes canon.

Keep "A Sherlock Holmes Devotional" in mind for your Holmesian friends who enjoy the art of deducing.

Thanks to the author and Netgalley for the free review copy.

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  1. Briar Lynn9/01/2015

    OOOOOH! Sounds so perfect... for me... and gifts for others.