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Book Review: The Christmas Cat

The Christmas Cat by Melody Carlson (5 star review)

The Christmas Cat

written by Melody Carlson

176 pages // published in 2014 // Christian fiction // Christmas

My Review...

5 Star Rating

A feline-filled Christmas story to warm your heart!

Author Melody Carlson introduces us to a man in his thirties, unattached, and certainly doesn't want to become attached... to his grandmother's cats that she left behind. To complete the instructions she left for him in her will, Garrison Brown is required to find good adoptable homes for each of her unique cats. Until he completes the task, he won't be eligible for his inheritance...

Stories that center upon someone's last will that comes with strings attached always make for a good read. This one is perfect. Or purrfect, as the case may be.

Garrison just may learn something from his grandmother, even from beyond the grave. Lessons in kindness, love, and true Christmas spirit.

Any cat lover will certainly adore this book to pieces (or even if you don't consider yourself a cat-lover, maybe just an enjoyer of nature and creatures... you'll still like it).

As always with Melody Carlson's work, I'm so pleased with another clean, inspirational book!

The Christmas Cat is available on Amazon in either hardcover or e-book.

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