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Looking to the Star of Bethlehem with Ishtar's Odyssey

For years, my family has enjoyed Arnold Ytreeide's family advent books. It started with Jotham's Journey, continued with Bartholomew's Passage, and ended with Tabitha's Travels ...(or so we thought!)...

What a pleasant surprise to find out that the story wasn't quite over with those three, but continues with a fourth installment in 2015, sharing the story from the point of view of Ishtar, a Persian wise man's son. To continue with family tradition, we're reading it for Advent time this year.

After hearing about Ishtar's Odyssey being published this year, I discovered that the illustrator Dave Hile has shared a behind-the-scenes look at how he designed the front cover of the newest book. The step-by-step process is fascinating! Check out his case study on Ishtar's Odyssey book cover.

Case study on Ishtar's Odyssey

Has your family ever read Mr. Ytreeide's books?
What will you be reading during Advent this year?

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