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Book Review: Further Chronicles of Avonlea

Further Chronicles of Avonlea by L.M. Montgomery (5 star review)

Further Chronicles of Avonlea

written by L.M. Montgomery

208 pages // published in 1920 // fiction // short stories

My Review...

5 Star Rating

Ah! A delightful montage of shorts from the same Canadian author who brought us Anne of Green Gables.

To recognize a few of my new favorites...

The Materializing of Cecil On her birthday, Miss Charlotte, now 40, decides to make a change in her life. One that involves telling a falsehood -- that she indeed did have a beau at one time. And then -- the lie comes to life.

The Dream-Child
How a grieving woman who lost her infant son replaces him with a strange little boy that appears out of the ocean one day. A touching story.

The Little Brown Book of Miss Emily
Revisit Anne and Diana again! Young Anne Shirley's imagination captivates the reader with the precious bundle that old Miss Emily leaves behind upon her death...

The Son of His Mother
Thyra Carewe intends to always keep her son's love, and strictly believes no other woman will ever enter his life to direct his thoughts away -- except one day "she" appears. What will the tragic consequences be?

I certainly enjoyed some new favorites from L.M. Montgomery. She charms her way through each of her writings. And I loved getting to meet familiar faces again such as Marilla and Mrs. Rachel Lynde of Avonlea.

The table of contents:
Aunt Cynthia's Persian Cat
The Materializing of Cecil
Her Father's Daughter
Jane's Baby
The Dream-Child
The Brother Who Failed
The Return of Hester
The Little Brown Book of Miss Emily
Sara's Way
The Son of His Mother
The Education of Betty
In Her Selfless Mood
The Conscience Case of David Bell
Only a Common Fellow
Tannis of the Flats

"Her poor father, now--he always said that a woman who liked books better than beaux was an unnatural creature." -L.M. Mongomery (The Education of Betty)

L. M. Montgomery Reading Challenge

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