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Want to join some reading challenges with me in 2016?

L. M. Montgomery Reading Challenge

It's January again! That means it's time for the L.M. Montgomery Reading Challenge. I'm always excited for this!

For the 2016 challenge, I intend to read the Further Chronicles of Avonlea -- a collection of short stories that Montgomery wrote. Last year I read Chronicles of Avonlea (my review), and greatly enjoyed it. I'm excited about the stories I'll read in the sequel collection this month!

Now, to mention a couple other challenges I'm taking on for 2016 >

For the Read Scotland challenge, I'm signing on for the Highlander level (6-10 books), which have to be either written by a Scottish author, or about or set in Scotland.

For the Mount TBR challenge, I'm signing on for the Mt. Kilimanjaro level (60 books), which have to be books I already own and need to get them off my reading pile!

And not to forget this one! >

I'll be hosting the Louisa May Alcott reading challenge again in June! Be sure to join me this summer.

What are you reading in 2016?

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  1. Nana Mia1/04/2016

    I haven't really read any of Louisa May Alcott's books, so I might be interested in your challenge this summer. Sounds good!