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Book Review: Implant

Implant by J. Grace Pennington (5 star review)

Implant // written by J. Grace Pennington

226 pages // published in 2015 // sci-fi


Welcome to the world of a universal cure.

Gordon Harding didn’t ask for the life he has. He didn’t ask to be orphaned. He didn’t ask to go through life with cancer. And he certainly didn’t ask to be pulled into a future world without warning–a world where every human being is controlled by means of a medical implant.

And when he learns that he’s the only one who can destroy the base of operations, he’s faced with an impossibly painful choice: either hide and let the world decay under this mysterious futuristic force, or rescue humanity from oppression, knowing that there’s someone out there who is willing to use any means necessary to stop him.

My Review...

5 Star Rating

I've heard much about J. Grace Pennington's books for a while, and finally found my chance to read one of hers! My initial thought? I'm impressed.

Starting with the first page, I was dazzled by the author's writing skill. Immediately I could tell she is a writer who has accomplished honing in the craft of working with words. As the story grew, built upon itself, introduced new characters and immersed you into this world where everyone is required to get a medical implant... I was totally engrossed in this story that materialized around me.

More Pros? Let's see... The characters are deep and three-dimensional (they seem so real, that they could have leapt off the pages!). The medical jargon and descriptions of procedures are done well and tastefully; the fact that our main character, a supposed hero, had a life-threatening illness? Priceless. And the plot just grew and twisted skillfully; I never could quite tell where the story was going to go next (and I liked it!).

"Well you picked the wrong guy." Gordon could hear his voice raising in pitch, rising with the beating of his heart. "I can barely ride my bike to work. You think I can destroy some control center, when all of you have failed?"
- Implant, J. Grace Pennington
Cons? There's not any cons.

But... my personal preference differed slightly on a couple of elements. For example, the Head. By the end of the book, I was hoping to see a glimmer of the villain's true self... I guess I had been hoping for a tiny flash of weakness, shame or sorrow... but that was just my preference.

NOTE to the discerning reader & parents: There are some minor mentions of smoking and drinking. Also, Gordon happens to "fall into" attending a birthing scene -- which I thought was written with tact.

Overall? A thrilling book -- one I could read again.

To end my review, enjoy this comical bit with me:

Honestly, it was more than seventy years since Star Trek. Shouldn't doctors be able to beam tissue to some computerized lab that would instantly process it and beam results back by now?
- Implant, J. Grace Pennington

Implant is available on Amazon in paperback and e-book format.

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  1. Hello Again Tarissa! This book sounds interesting. Reminds of the the Matched series as well as The Giver, which I just read last week- amazing book! I haven't done a post about it just yet.