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Book Review: Greenland (Travels with Gannon and Wyatt)

Travels with Gannon and Wyatt: Greenland by Patti Wheeler & Keith Hemstreet (5 star review)

Greenland // from the Travels with Gannon and Wyatt series

written by Patti Wheeler & Keith Hemstreet

176 pages // published in 2014 // middle grade adventure


Upon arriving in Ilulissat, Greenland, Gannon and Wyatt prepare for the adventure of a lifetime—a dogsled expedition in the Arctic! But before the explorers even crack a whip, they receive a desperate mayday call from an Inuit family that is stranded in the far north. Suddenly, Gannon and Wyatt’s expedition to study climate change and Greenlandic culture turns into something far more dangerous—a mission to save lives. As they rush north to rescue the family, led by Inuit guides, the brothers must steer clear of deadly hidden crevasses, hungry polar bears, and bitter cold as they race into an Arctic super-storm, putting even more lives in jeopardy—their own.

In the tradition of the historic journals kept by explorers such as Lewis and Clark, Dr. David Livingstone, and Captain James Cook comes the adventure series Travels with Gannon and Wyatt. From Africa to the South Pacific, these twin brothers have traveled the world. You never know what they will encounter as they venture into the wild, but one thing is certain wherever Gannon and Wyatt go, adventure is their constant companion.

You can find Gannon and Wyatt’s blog, photographs, and video footage from their real-life expeditions at

My Review...

5 Star Rating

Twin explorers, Gannon and Wyatt strike out again... for Greenland! They're dog-sledding, learning about Greenland's culture, and experiencing the extreme situations of the unique climate and frozen land.

This time they receive a Arctic mission to help Inuit villagers in need -- while facing deadly elements. Truly they're racing against time, or else the mission fails. Can they beat the polar bears, the ice crevasses, the cold winds, and keep their dogs on the right track?

The boys learn a lot in this book, not just about Greenland's unique culture and land -- but also human lessons about sacrifice and respect. They pen their thoughts down on all these topics (and more) in their journal. So we get to read all about their exploration from each boy's perspective.

I like how the reader gets to learn about geography, foreign languages and other educational tidbits in a fictional story -- or rather, an exciting adventure!

Thanks to the author and Netgalley for the free review copy & for the opportunity to express my honest opinions.

Travels with Gannon and Wyatt: Greenland is available on Amazon in hardcover and e-book format.

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  1. Ohh, the cover looks quite adventuresome indeed. And Greenland? Yes please. I'm glad you enjoyed the book. :)
    Aidyl from Noveltea