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Befriending the Beast by Amanda Tero

Befriending the Beast by Amanda Tero (5 star review)

Befriending the Beast

written by Amanda Tero

73 pages // published in 2016 // Christian fiction

Belle has returned unannounced to the castle to restore her relationship with the king, her father. Her hopes are dashed with the devastating message: "The king refuses to see you." Convinced that God has led her home, she is unwilling to return to Lord and Lady Kiralyn. Time is running out for the decision that will change her life. When tragedy strikes, will she and her father be pulled further apart or knit together? Could she stay at the castle even if she will never see her father again?

My Review...

5 Star Rating

What I like? It's a fairytale retelling, plus the truth of God, minus the magic. I think that's why I'm drawn to this story even more than had the story been a fantasy. It lets the reader focus on the message of the story, not the magical gimmicks.

Belle. Yes, I found another fellow bookworm and kindred spirit in Belle. I really like her character... She cares for her father. She wants to make the best decisions and goes to God to find the answers. And she loves books, like me. The author created Belle as such a sweet character, and I enjoyed reading Belle's story.

I also love that this isn't a romantic story, like you think that Beauty and the Beast is. But it's still about finding true love, even under the ugliness.

I also enjoyed reading the discussion questions at the end, as they really helped me to think about the spiritual message in the book.

Befriending the Beast is a story of sorrow, challenges, and forgiveness.

I would recommend it, ages 9 and up. Anyone could enjoy it though, as it bears a powerful message.

Befriending the Beast by Amanda Tero

Amanda TeroAbout the Author
Amanda Tero is a homeschool graduate who desires to provide God-honoring, family-friendly reading material. She has enjoyed writing since before ten years old, but it has only been since 2013 that she began seriously pursuing writing again – starting with some short stories that she wrote for her sisters as a gift. Her mom encouraged her to try selling the stories she published, and since then, she has begun actively writing short stories, novellas, and novels. If something she has written draws an individual into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, it is worth it!

“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding.” (Proverbs 3:5)

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Befriending the Beast by Amanda Tero


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  1. Melissa J.11/09/2016

    I've never read a Beauty and the Beast story at all, so this might be interesting.

  2. @Melissa J., I especially like this fairytale retelling because it includes a strong element of faith. For me, this made the plot so much stronger. You'd like it!