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A look back at my 2016 TBR challenge

I participated in the 2016 Mount TBR challenge... and it was FANTASTIC! Well, I had started the year aiming for the Mt. Kilimanjaro level [60 books] and... (whoa!) I ended up passing El Toro [75 books] without even blinking an eye, and finished the year at exactly 99 books that I finished from my TBR pile(s)! I honestly had no clue I had read so many for this challenge until the final week of December, as I was calculating my book totals for the year. :)

Turns out, I finished 125 total books in the year, and the majority (99, count 'em!) were from my own TBR pile(s). Woohoo!

If you'd like to take a peek at my absolute favorite books this year, click here to see my top 10 reads! [This list is not limited to the TBR challenge.]

To go along with the Mount TBR challenge, there is a bonus Words to the Wise exercise that I wanted to participate in. Maybe it will give you a little laugh while browsing through these witty phrases and some of the titles I read this past year...

A stitch in time...[is] Scarlet
Don't count your chickens...On the Way Home
A penny saved is....Smuggler's Treasure
All good things must come...[to] The Hippopotamus Pool
When in Rome...March
All that glitters is not...Red Rain
A picture is worth...[a] Jackpot
When the going gets tough, the tough get...The Snake, the Crocodile, and the Dog
Two wrongs don't make...The Last Battle
The pen is mightier than....The Stars for a Light
The squeaky wheel gets...Radialloy
Hope for the best, but prepare for...The Devil in the White City
Birds of a feather flock...Until the Dawn


  1. Hi Tarissa! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm amazed that you climbed El Toro and ended up reading 99 books for the challenge... that's a fantastic acheivement. Well done!

  2. Tarissa, you did so well! And your Words to the Wise are so appropriate - although I don't like the idea of preparing for The Devil in the City. I hope I can stick to reading my TBRs this year - I get side-tracked by other books.