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New release from Willowy Whisper!

A newly released title in the Christian fiction genre, by author Willowy Whisper. Want to learn a little bit about the book today?

Only Children Chase Sawdust by Willowy Whisper


Their whole life turned to sawdust and blew away . . .

Please don't leave me, Jacob. I need you. I know you're grieving. Maybe we all are. But you're chasing something you'll never catch . . . and we both know you won't come back alive.

Willowy Whisper, author Author Bio // Willowy Whisper is a young Christian fiction author. She lives somewhere in the middle of nowhere, smack-dab in the country hills of West Virginia. She is the author of seven novels, six of which are published, and numerous short stories. She is also a born-again believer in Jesus Christ, an incurable romantic, and a passionate dreamer. To follow her, visit her blog at

There's danger in the mountains...

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Only Children Chase Sawdust is available now.

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