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Dreams and Devotion by Sarah Holman (5 star review)

Dreams and Devotion
Tales of Taelis, #4

written by Sarah Holman

137 pages // published in 2017 // YA historical fiction


Some dreams will be dashed, and their devotion will be tested.

Dara's life is full of farm work and worries, especially now that her older brother is a priest in a far off city. Yet she still has time to dream of the life she hopes will someday be. She dreams of marrying her dear friend and the worries of her family ending. Now, the selfishness of one person threatens her very way of life.

Dresden's initial excitement about living a life devoted to the service of God quickly is dashed on the rocks of reality. The life of a priest is nothing like what he imagined. To make matters worse, he finds out his family back in his home village is on the brink of disaster. Torn between his vows and his love for his family, what will he choose?

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My Review

5 Star Rating

Dreams and Devotions tackles some hard-hitting feelings. Trust. Forgiveness. Anger. Hope in the future. Diligence. Bitterness. Faith.

Dara is coping with a few problems at once. Her hopes of marriage are being dashed, her brothers have moved away from the family – one for selfish reasons, the other, selfless – the burdens are stacking on her shoulders faster than she knows how to deal with on her own.

“Dreams were wonderful, but they did not always come true.”

There is some excellent, quality spiritual content in here, which I found very encouraging. I liked seeing Dresdon's growth in his new position as priest. He had to learn to give more of himself than he thought he was going to have to, by walking in faith, not just teaching it. He matured much over the course of the book, and learned valuable lessons from God, as does the reader.

And you know what else? I really like the Taelis community. Neighbors pull together in times of need for others. They care not for credit in their work, but for the gift of giving something of themselves. This is good stuff I like to see in a book.

“ can hurt as well as heal, it tears and binds, it gives pain as well as joy. Love is always a risk. There is nothing about it that is safe. Even though you love, family can wound you, best friends betray you, and people you count on can disappoint you.”

The main thought that I pull from this book is that God is in control, and He has it all planned out for us already – perfectly. Stick with Him and you'll be alright.

“Prayer is always the best place to start for matters of the heart.”

This is an emotional read from the Taelis series, and it's one to remember. Youth and adults alike can find similarities in their own lives compared to the circumstances the characters are going through. Definitely a relatable story.

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Author bio:
Sarah Holman is a not so typical mid-twenties girl: A homeschool graduate, sister to six awesome siblings, and author of many published books and short stories. If there is anything adventuresome about her life, it is because she serves a God with a destiny bigger than anything she could have imagined.

Author Sarah Holman

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