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Mount TBR Checkpoint, 2017 Vol. 3

With September out of the way now, we're more than 9 months into the 2017 Mount TBR challenge. This challenge has allowed me to clear 90 titles off my TBR stack this year alone. Well, isn't that amazing?

I started out by aiming for El Toro (75) for the whole year, and well... yeah, I already surpassed that. It's time to up the battle against the mountain, obviously. I should definitely head for Mt. Everest (100 books). But the real nail-biting question is... should I even attempt Mount Olympus (150 books)??? Yeah, that's a mountain on Mars. Looking at the statistics, the numbers show that by the end of the year, I'm right on track for finishing 120 books. It seems as though I'd REALLY have to push in several extra titles by year's end, and with the holidays on the way? Better not risk it. There's always next year. Mount Everest it is. And I'm truly happy with that.

Now that I've reached the checkpoint, it's time for me to answer a fun question provided by Bev at My Reader's Block...

• Pair up two of reads that are opposites.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Frank L. Baum -- & -- Winter by Marissa Meyer 

The "opposite" pairing I've chosen is a BEGINNING and an ENDING to a series.
I've been eager to read The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and its sequels for a LONG time, and 2017 was the year I got to do it! There's 14 Oz books in total (who knew there are sooo many Oz adventures?), and I set a goal for myself to read half of those this year. (BTW, that goal is going well. 5 out of 7 down.) Next up, to complete this pairing, I finished an epic series this year... and it's bittersweet. In reading Winter, I said goodbye to The Lunar Chronicles and some pretty amazing friends I made in those books.

Question for my readers! What series did you start or end this year?

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