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Hand-picking an annual TBR shelf

For as long as I can remember, I've kept a stack of books somewhere in my bedroom containing books I wanted to remind myself to read... SOMEDAY.

Well, that plan worked sometimes. But eventually I would notice that even in a short stack (perhaps 12 or less books), some of the same titles would remain in the stack for maybe 2 or 3 years -- even if I truly wanted to read them -- while others would get added and more promptly get read. Sometimes I would set goals for myself to read certain ones in a certain amount of months, and that was helpful on occasion, but some titles still stayed there forever...

On creating an annual TBR shelf... or not?

I had enough of that about this time last year. I decided to pull a variety of books off my shelves, of titles I definitely intended to read during the year of 2017. In total, I know there were more than 50 books (but didn't get an exact count). Well, I still didn't pull it off. I guess there were just too many (or too many other good choices on other shelves, if you know what I mean). There's a dozen leftovers from my attempted 2017 shelf. That's alright, they'll rollover into my 2018 shelf (yes, I'm trying it again!), and this next year those leftovers will be TOP PRIORITY to make sure they do get read, and soon.

After my attempt at down-sizing the number sitting on my 2018 shelf, right now it's right at almost 40, as long as I don't add any more (...unlikely though). Maybe I could conquer the whole shelf this next year?


What are your thoughts on having a yearly TBR shelf to inspire your reading choices?

And what other ways do you make sure to finally read those books you've owned for years?


  1. I buy a lot of books that I want to read and hope to read, but I've rarely said that I must read this by a certain date. Right now, I'm going through a bunch to determine if I'm ever really going to make the time to read them. I'm a mood reader the rest of the time, so I'll pick it up if I hear the book calling from the shelves.

    1. Good for you on making those decisions of if you're really going to read a book or not. They can sit there for years and still never get read... The woes of being a bookworm!

  2. This is a perpetual bookworm problem---somehow the new and shiny always manages to overshadow those books we've been meaning to read for years!!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. EXACTLY, Nicole! (Thanks for stopping by.)