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Book Review: Cherry Ames, Senior Nurse

Cherry Ames, Senior Nurse (5 star review)

Cherry Ames, Senior Nurse

written by Helen Wells

217 pages // published in 1944 // YA World War II-era fiction


In Senior Nurse, Cherry realizes that "a senior really must be a little more sober and responsible" - perhaps she should have warned the head nurse right away about the rabbit that had been smuggled into the pediatric ward. But the children had enjoyed it so! As "lofty" seniors, Cherry and her friends each "adopt" a probationer (first-year student) to mentor. Why did her probie have to be dull and sullen Mildred Burnham? Dr. Joe Fortune has discovered a new way to synthesize penicillin - which could make a life or death difference on the battle front. But how did word of it become common knowledge around Spencer? Cherry discovers that Mildred has more to her than she thought as together they face the dangerous thieves who have stolen Dr. Joe's formula.

My Review

5 Star Rating

I'm loving this series so far. If you like Nancy Drew books, the Cherry Ames books are comparable in the writing style and dialogue.

In this volume, we find Cherry as a senior student nurse who will soon be graduating. She has an important life decision to make, whether she will stay as a nurse on the home front, or become an army nurse. It's an important step in her life -- so if you're wanting to read the series, don't miss book #2.

There's even some intrigue happening right in the hospital -- which has to do with Dr. Joe's secret laboratory projects. Overall, there's a really good plot in the book, and made for an enjoyable read.

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  1. Ooh! You're making me want to read this book now. It didn't look all that interesting when I saw the cover, but your review sounds pretty great.

  2. I don't remember seeing this series growing up, yet it sounds like I would like it.