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Summer TBR Wipeout 2018 [Reading List]

This is my first time to participate in The Candid Cover's Summer TBR Wipeout. The premise is simple... read your books this summer!

Here's a look at some of the titles I would like to read during July and the the first couple of weeks in August. Not sure how much I'll actually get read, but I'm excited about each one.

Classic Lit

Moby Dick Sense and Sensibility The Keys of the Kingdom The Outsiders


Stars Above Mark of the Thief Outbreak Nightmare at the Book Fair The Vanishings A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons

Miscellaneous Adult

He Shall Thunder in the Sky Village School

But of course, I'm sure I won't stay on track with this exact list. We'll see which of these books actually get read -- and what other titles get pulled in. ;)

Mostly, I just can't wait to fall into some excellent stories...


  1. The Outsiders is one of my favorite books. I always loved it. I wish you the best of luck on the challenge!

    Tina @ As Told By Tina

    1. Thanks, Tina! This is my first time to read it.

  2. What a fantastic TBR! I love that you have some classics on yours. I would love to re-read some of these. Good luck and thanks for joining. :)

    1. Candid Cover,
      Thanks for hosting such a neat summer challenge! I'm excited to buckle down and tackle these titles.