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Summer TBR Wipeout 2018 [Wrap-Up]

I finished 1 more book since my last Summer TBR Wipeout update... so that's 7 off my Summer list... plus, maybe a few more "others" that I read instead of the titles I originally put on my list. You know, it just happens!

There's 3 on my Summer list I'm actually still finishing... that's Moby Dick, The Outsiders, and Stars Above.

Finished [7]

The Vanishings Village School A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons The Keys of the Kingdom Mark of the Thief OutbreakNightmare at the Book Fair

Not Finished... Yet [5]

Moby Dick The Outsiders Stars Above Sense and Sensibility He Shall Thunder in the Sky

What Else I Read (Instead of my Wipeout List) [8]

Swiss Family Robinson Escape and Endurance The Inn at Ocean's Edge Kate's Dilemma Beyond Downton Abbey Second Chance Rinkitink in Oz The Expedition of Humphry Clinker

This was a fun challenge for the summer... already can't wait to play again next year!


  1. I read The Outsiders and a few other S.E. Hinton books when I was much younger. I loved all the stories I read, I really should read them again.

    1. Laura Lu, I didn't even realize yet that Hinton had others books, so I might be interested in those too. Thanks for sharing!