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Book Review: These Strange Ashes

These Strange Ashes by Elisabeth Elliot (5 star review)

These Strange Ashes

written by Elisabeth Elliot

152 pages // published in 1979 // Christian living


In her first year as a missionary to a small group of native women in the Ecuadorian jungle, Elisabeth Elliot faced physical and spiritual trials. In These Strange Ashes, Elliot captures the mysteries and stark realities surrounding the colorful and primitive world in which she ministered. More than just a recounting of her early days, this is a beautifully crafted and deeply personal reflection on the important questions of life and a remarkable testimony to an authentic Christian commitment.

My Review

3 Star Rating

Another favorite book from Elisabeth Elliot!

This missionary survived a lot during her experiences in Ecuador as a single young woman. In this book, she shares four lessons in faith she had to overcome -- in a land far away from home, in a wild jungle with few comforts, and in just a few months of time.

While I read this book, I found many inspiring moments to ponder about. I tell myself that if she can take all THAT in stride (loss, death, jungle life in general, lack of staple household items)... Well then, I can do anything too, Lord willing.

Her way with words always reels me in -- and I felt it strongly in this book. She is so simple in her manner of storytelling, yet she tells you everything you need to know to make you both laugh and cry. Sometimes I can even detect a bit of humor in her tone. Elisabeth tells it like it is (the good, the bad, and the ugly), and doesn't ask for your pity during even the hardest times. And I'm telling you, she went through some terrible situations during that first mission trip to Ecuador.

My favorite line from the book, which deeply resonated in me:

"Faith's most severe tests come not when we see nothing, but when we see a stunning array of evidence that seems to prove our faith vain."

Read this book. You won't be disappointed.

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  1. I read this book years ago, but need to again. EE is a favorite.