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Book Review: Mistress Pat

Mistress Pat by L.M. Montgomery (5 star review)

Mistress Pat
sequel to Pat of Silver Bush

written by L.M. Montgomery

374 pages // published in 1935 // young adult historical fiction


In this charming sequel to Pat of Silver Bush, Pat Gardiner is growing up but not yet ready to leave her beloved home.

When she was twenty, nearly everyone thought Patricia Gardiner ought to be having beaus--except of course, Pat herself. For Pat, Silver Bush was both home and heaven. All she could ever ask of life was bound in the magic of the lovely old house on Prince Edward Island, "where good things never change." And now there was more than ever to do: planning for the Christmas family reunion, entertaining a countess, playing matchmaker, and preparing for the arrival of the new hired man. Yet as those she loved so dearly started to move away, Pat began to question the wisdom of her choice of Silver Bush over romance. Was it possible to be lonely at Silver Bush?

My Review

5 Star Rating

I'm a bigger fan of Pat after this sequel novel. I remember that the first book "Pat of Silver Bush" didn't feel, to me, like most of Montgomery's works do. Still, I knew I must read the sequel... And I'm so glad I did! Pat has risen high in my esteem. Another fun, sweet, loving character in L.M. Montgomery's canon.

It's such a cozy story too, most of the plot surrounding Silver Bush, Pat's family home. One of her greatest fears is to leave it behind when/if she marries, as she is so very much in love with the house itself and the comforts that she and her family members enjoy there.

"Whatever came and went, whoever loved or did not love her, there was still Silver Bush."

List of characters I will forever miss reading more about: Judy Plum. I wish she was in my kitchen all the time, cooking up wonders and always ready for a talk when you need it. The cherry on top of Judy Plum is her adorable Irish brogue.

"And just be remimbering, Patsy, what the Good Book says... about happiness being inside av ye and not outside. Thim mayn't just be the words but it's what I'm belaving it manes."

It turns out, there's much misery in store for Pat in this volume... To be honest (no real spoilers here), but the ending of "Mistress Pat" just tears my eyes up. Keep your tissues at the ready. A bit too dramatic for my Montgomery liking though... I'd tell you another author that the ending reminds me of, but that would give away too much. However, good things, silver linings, come out of bad events... Like being refined in fire, so Pat emerges a new woman.

A story of hope for the reader, with a vast mixture of emotions to relish in along the way.

"And besides we've always got to-morrow."

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