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Book Review + GIVEAWAY! Protecting the Poor

This week signals the completion of the Tales of Faith series!


Sheriff Feroci is now lord over the province, and Abtshire has become a pit of injustice. Being forced into the lord’s service does not give Dumphey as many opportunities to help the poor as he desires. When attempts on his life drive him into the forest, this freedom opens a world of possibilities for helping others. But how can he do so when he is running for his life? And does God want him to do more than simply feed the poor?

Noel has always hidden behind the shadow of his older brother, Dumphey. When life forces him to stand on his own, will he still follow God in the corrupt world in which he lives? Would God really call him to do something that is beyond his power to do?

As Lord Feroci's sinister plot comes to light, each lad has a choice to make. A choice that could cost them their lives.

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My Review

4 Star Rating

An intriguing adventure, about keeping one's faith in God always, about standing up for others when you've been called to do it, about helping those less fortunate, about following God's guiding Word. Herein we have a plot inspired by Robin Hood. The historical elements embedded in the story add much flavor and detail. The medieval setting... the archery... the soldiers going to battle in chainmail... It feel stunning to be transported into this setting.

I love Amanda Tero's clear, strong writing style. Not flowery, nor bland; it hits the mark in the middle ground. She just knows how to tell a good story, and how to tell it well. Additionally, most characters spoke in a faintly detected Scottish accent, I believe. This added so much to the authenticity of their culture and background.

The thing I love most about the book is that it's a clean read which Christian families can be extremely happy to have in their homes. The main characters are striving to live Christ-filled lives, even in a setting of turmoil, fighting, and dealing with evil men of the world. Sets a good example to what we can do for God in our own lives. It's an adventure that kids/teens can all enjoy, probably ages 10 and up.

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It wouldn't be a release party without a giveaway! One U.S. Winner will receive the complete paperback Tales of Faith series, and one International Winner will receive the complete eBook series.

About the Series
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About the Author
Amanda Tero began her love for words at a young age—reading anything she could get her hands on and penning short stories as young as age eight. Since graduation, she has honed her writing skills by dedicated practice and study of the writing craft. She began her journey of publication with a few short stories that she had written for her sisters and continues to add to her collection with other short stories, novellas, and novels. It is her utmost desire to write that which not only pleases her Lord and Savior, but also draws the reader into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

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