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Book Review: Village Diary

Village Diary by Miss Read (5 star review)

Village Diary
Fairacre #2

by Miss Read

220 pages // published in 1955 // British historical fiction


From the author of 'Village School', this novel describes the people of Fairacre with exactitude, a sense of comedy and sharp observation. Here, the characters include dictatorial Amy, an old college friend, Mr Mawne, whom the village sees as a possible husband for the unwilling Miss Read, and the earnest new infants teacher.

My Review

5 Star Rating

Miss Read is a lady after my own heart.

Her "polite" (cleverly hidden) sarcasm is a wonderful treat after a tiring day of work. Lifts the spirits up just like a good cuppa.

She is a member of the Grammar Police, of which I may be affiliated with myself.

She keeps her classroom of kids in order, even when the odds are stacked against her, and when the wind whistles through the roof at her all of the school day. She makes the most of each experience that she can.

I love when she speaks her mind about a certain topic in her diary, usually about the education system or everyday village life. She speaks simply, but eloquently enough, and most importantly, always from the bottom of her heart.

I was enchanted with each and every happening that Miss Read shared in her diary.

Mr. Mawne has moved into town, and the most of the villagers seem to be trying to matchmake Miss Read with the newcomer. She will have none of it, obviously.

Things really come to a head with cantankerous Mrs. Pringle, as she forfeits her post of keeping the school clean while cooling her heels at home (for a record-breaking time period).

This one is a favorite, for sure. Miss Read books are an especial treasure.

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