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My picks for A Literary Christmas 2020!

Dear Readers,

It's time! Let the holiday reading begin!

Here's a quick re-cap about A Literary Christmas:

What's this holiday reading challenge about? ::: Whether you just want to read 1 amazingly-good Christmas book, or 10, you make your own list of titles to read, and finish as many of them as you can.

Where will it take place? ::: In your favorite cozy reading nook. Whether it be while wrapped in fleece blankets in bed... sitting by the fireside drinking hot chocolate... or maybe on the sunny beach!

When will it take place? ::: November 12th - December 31st.
(Keep a watch out for the upcoming giveaway too!)

If you haven't yet, catch up on how to participate in A Literary Christmas.

(As soon as you start posting about the challenge on your blog, Instagram, Goodreads (or other social media) please start linking up your posts at the bottom of this page. I'm excited to see the books you're reading!)

Use hashtag #ALiteraryChristmas

Here's a few books that I'm planning to read for the challenge:

*Click on the book covers to see the book details on

What books are you reading for this Christmas challenge?

Link to any of your posts for this reading challenge!

Please link to your sign-up posts, book reviews, and other Christmas book posts here:

* If the linky isn't showing up for you, try refreshing your page. Or just leave your post links in the comments section, and I can add your post to the linky for you, if needed.


  1. These look interesting! I don't think I have seen any of them before.

  2. I haven't decided on what I'll read yet, but I'm definitely in.

  3. Hope you enjoy the special Christmas Stories I reviewed!

  4. I'll join! I know it's a little late, but I'll share what I've read already this year.

  5. Ooops, I put the main goodreads link in for a few but not my link to my review or update!

    1. Abigail,
      Thanks for letting me know. I was able to locate your reviews of those books and update the links accordingly. Merry reading!