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Favorite Finds #5

Hi everyone!
Here's a few links to some neat things I've found this week in the blog-world. Hope you enjoy reading these as much as I did!

B.O.O.K. (from Jane @ Novel Pretender)
This funny little article made me laugh. It's a quite new perspective of what a book is!

Type + Photography = Typography. (from Alyssa @ Pixel8Design)
One way of looking at the alphabet through the camera lens!

New School Supplies (from Hannah @ Clicked and Captured)
Pictures of things I love the most!

....and lastly... you should check out what Anna has going on her blog....Les Miserables Week! (it starts September 19)

I read the book "Les Miserables" a year ago and loved it. It's one of my favorites. I'm excited to see everything that Anna is going to post about... click on her button below to see what she's posted so far.

Les Miserables Week


  1. Tarissa!! You have to post about Les Miserables Week, tooooooo, starting on the 19th! ;) Did you read one of my most recent posts? You can win a PRIZE if you create the best Les Miz posts that week. o.O =D

  2. Lovely finds, Tarissa! Thanks for linking to my post, dear!

  3. Hello, Tarissa! Im so glad you stopped by! I tried to publish your comment, but I dont know what happend Lol! Im so sorry! I have no idea what I am doing, Im learning. Anna is my helper in time of trouble, but she is not near by at this time. I hear so many nice things about you, thank you for being a blessing to my daughters. I have an FB account, Ill have to see if I can find you!

    Blessings~ Oh no, you too like Les Miz??????