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.:. More About Riddles .:.

Hi everyone,
If you saw my "What am I?" post last week, you might have guessed the answer... or you might not have. If not, I'm here to reveal the answer now. For a quick update, this was the riddle:

I have keys, that open no locks. I have space, but there is no room. I have a home, but there is no house. You can enter, but you can't go in. What am I?

Thank you for all your guesses! The final answer is... a Computer Keyboard.

So, I thought since a lot of you guessed that one, I'd give you another riddle to play around with.
Ready? And yes... it's a tricky one!

"I know a word of letters three.
Add two and fewer there will be."

~Can you figure it out?~


  1. Goodness, I have no idea:) I'll be thinking about that this week...

    Love and Blessings,

  2. I would say few... but that's a word in the riddle. What ends with "two" and means "fewer?" This is going to keep me up all night! lol

  3. Umm...... I don't know!!! Maybe a 5 letter word that means something small? Oh, maybe the word is small?? Or something else?? I don't know!! That keyboarding one was very creative. ;)