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Favorite Finds #6

Please enjoy these "favorite finds" of mine that I have discovered while reading blogs this past week. Each one of these are all on completely different subject matters...quite funny how dissimilar they are.
Thanks for reading!

Circle Collage and Scrabble Tiles (from Amy's Artsy Articulations)

It’s Graduation Day! (from Susannah @ Seven Sisters)

In the Valley (from Melinda @ Abounding in Hope)

What my family would look like in the 1900's (from Allison @ Girl of the Prairie)


  1. Great finds, girly! ~*~

  2. Great finds! :)

    Hey about the facebook add - I've got a rule: no friends that aren't Momma's friends. :) so I can add you if you add her! She's just Jacque Starr Dixon. :) My sister Jocelyn is on FB too. Thanks for the add and I hope to be a FB buddy with you soon!

    Shabbat shalom!

  3. Thank you for the birthday wishes Miss Tarrisa! How nice to find another book enthusiast!

    Have a wonderful day!