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Book Review: A Dog Named Christmas

A Dog Named Christmas

A Dog Named Christmas

written by Greg Kincaid

160 pages


This year, one of the Christmas books I've been reading is called "A Dog Named Christmas". It was a very good book, and I'd like to share a bit about the storyline with you.

The book shows you this story from the eyes of the war veteran father, George. He and his wife have 5 children, with only 1 child still "left in the nest"--and that would be Todd, their 20-year-old son, who has a mental disability. Todd always had his own unique way of doing things, and as his father, George, puts it, "For every deficit one might see in Todd, there is an ability you don't see."

Within the first chapter, I was quite interested. The story takes shape as Todd finds out about the local animal shelter's Adopt-a-Dog-for-Christmas program. Todd is quite excited about having a dog on the farm for the holiday, even if the dog must go back after Christmas. However, the father firmly says no--they can't take in a dog. He has his own reasons and memories for giving this answer. George is not sure if he would be ready for something like this, even if it would be a good experience for Todd.

As the chapters fly by, Todd, with his special personality, takes on a huge project and pretty soon the whole town of Crossing Trails begins to notice. What will happen this Christmas season that brings out the best in everyone?

My personal opinion: "A Dog Named Christmas" is the perfect December read, especially for dog lovers. It is a heartwarming tale, with several happy wagging tails filling up its pages. Recommended for adults, but teenagers/youth would certainly enjoy it as well.

What have you been reading this December?

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  1. Hello there :)
    Hope you've had a very lovely December so far.
    This December, I read Beowulf, Count of Monte Cristo, and the Crucible. I was thrilled to find my last name in both Beowulf and Count of Monte Cristo! What are the chances?