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Favorite Finds #16

In the midst of December, it has hit Friday again. Time for a new edition of Favorite Finds! Hope you enjoy these posts I've found in the last few days...

Announcing..."Bible Blast" 90 Day Challenge! - Are you interested in reading the entire Bible from January to March?

Snowfall - A delightfully descriptive post about snow!

Descriptions - Excellent article about writers being descriptive with their words.

Benjamin Franklin Quote - from the blog "What They Said"

Also, Rachel has been posting an excellent 3-part series of tutorials about...
The Art of Cookie Decorating:
  • First Steps
  • The Decorating
  • Shipping/Packaging

  • If you're interested... stop by The Ladies Library group blog, to see the new Christmas review I posted earlier this week! Book Review of The Unfinished Gift by Dan Walsh


    1. Are you participating in the Bible reading challenge? I'm not this year, but I am doing a challenge with a friend where you read through the OT once, the NT 4 times (I think)and Psalms and Proverbs once a month. It lasts the whole year. I think you read about 12 chapters a day. Should be fun!

    2. Anonymous12/18/2010

      I think the book HEAVEN CALLING is a good review of the Bible for each day of the summarizes what the BIBLE IS telling us and to make a practice of this in everyday life.

    3. Hey Tarissa!

      I'm sorry I haven't responded to your comments. I'm not being anti-social, I promise! Life has just been busy and I have a reputation for forgetting to comment back. :-/

      So how have you been? I see you did MyWriMo - I'm so happy you met your goals! It was a wonderful idea to make your goal finishing existing projects; I have so many stories that need to be finished, including my NaNo novel... :p

      Hope you're doing well, and hope you have a Merry Christmas!!!


    4. Hi, Tarissa! Thanks for visiting my blog (Doorkeeper at! I'm following.