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Lamplighter books .:. and more! .:. e-book downloads

If any of my readers are still interested in getting some of these great e-book downloads from World E-Book Fair, then you should definitely get on there and find the books you'd like--the deadline is August 4th! There's just over one more week left before these books are not free anymore.
I really like all the stuff I've found there this past month. Click here to see my other posts about it.

I found Lamplighter books!
For anyone who is interested in these books from Lamplighter Publishing, or would like to try them out. I've heard so many bloggers talking about these classic books and I was amazed when I found several of them as e-books on this website. Can't wait for when I get to read them! The whole list of Lamplighter books that I found are linked below.

**Note! If you are wanting to keep these e-books, you must save them to your computer. The following website links won't work after August 4th.
from Lamplighter Publishing:

The Wide Wide World


That Printer of Udell's

Teddy's Button

Probable Sons

The Mansion


The Hidden Hand

The Gold Thread

Christie, the King's Servant

The Giant Killer

An Alabaster Box

The Cross Triumphiant


Saved at Sea

A Peep Behind the Scenes

Cobwebs & Cables

Jessica's First Prayer

The Crew of the Dolphin

The Basket of Flowers

Mount Rhigi Boy

As an additional note, I thought that someone might also be interested in a few other classic literature books that I downloaded. You can see click on some of these links to download the e-books if you're interested.
What Katy Did

What Katy Did At School

What Katy Did Next


In the High Valley

Little Country Girl

A Round Dozen

Understood Betsy

Aunt Jane's Hero

The Adventures of Peter Pan

Merry Adventures of Robin Hood

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

New Chronicles of Rebecca

Betsy & Tacy Go Downtown

Robinson Crusoe

The Further Adventures of
Robinson Crusoe


Book Review: Little Brother

Little Brother

Little Brother

written by Alan Baillie

144 pages




I found this book "Little Brother" to hold an adventure and a remarkable story. Vithy is a young boy trying to escape the war going on in his home county, Cambodia. Not only is he running away, he's also searching for his brother, Mang. They were separated in their race to get away from the camp which they were being held captives at.

Vithy is sure that he will meet his brother at the Thailand border--the borderline that means freedom. Vithy finds himself on a journey that leads to memories of life before the Khmer Rouge soldiers who started the war. Through every chapter, I was hoping that Vithy and Mang would be reunited even though it seemed like an impossible feat. As the story unfolded, I watched Vithy strengthen his courage, overrule new fears, and battle out his impatience. I think this was an amazing story.

Kids ages 10 & up will enjoy this book (Older teens too, or basically anyone). It would also be a great book for a read-aloud to younger children.


Arthur Conan Doyle .:. Charles Dickens .:. e-book downloads

Ever since I introduced the website of World eBook Fair on my blog last week, I've been busy collecting more of these wonderful free e-books, and saving them on my computer. So, after I finished Louisa May Alcott's books that I posted about last week, I then dived into a couple more authors. First, there is Arthur Conan Doyle (author of Sherlock Holmes stories... I found a ton of his other writings that I didn't even know existed!) and also I collected e-books from Charles Dickens.

What I have listed below is by far not the complete files that they have available at World eBook Fair for these authors. If you're interested in seeing more from these partiuclar authors, or any other favorite authors, then you should check it out on their website.

* * I would also like to mention about these e-books that I am linking to, I have never read these partiuclar stories and so I do not know if I truly recommend them. However, I am acquainted with other works by these authors.

Also, please note that if you're viewing this entry through a blog reader, you will have to visit my blog page to see the lists of books I have. If you click on the plus signs [+] in the boxes below, you can view the links to e-books I've downloaded from both of these authors. Feel free to download the files yourself, because they will only be available for free until August 4th.



Favorite Finds #3

The following are my favorite finds for this week, that I have enjoyed reading from other people's blogs. Hope you will like reading these articles too!

Three Top Tips for Blogging

Meet Gracie the Monarch Butterfly

Download free audio for Anne of Green Gables

Éclair Cake Recipe (yum!)

Getting to Know Your Sewing Machine

There's a Sewing 101 blog series that is going on right now (until the 16th), and I look forward to seeing the new things posted each day. Here is what's been going on so far...

Day 1: Tools of the Trade

Day 2: Supply Must Haves

Day 3: Selecting Fabrics

Day 4: Using a Rotary Cutter

Day 5: Fixing Mistakes


Louisa May Alcott .:. e-book downloads

I came across this wonderful website that is hosting a "World eBook Fair". Until August 4th, you can access and download millions of FREE e-books.... I became quite excited about this once I discovered all the treasures that are available! A lot of these e-books are ones that I cannot get from the library, or even buy them otherwise. So I'm going through my favorite authors, one at a time, to collect any writings of theirs that I would like to have. I started with Louisa May Alcott. I downloaded anything that I thought I might be interested in... I found several that I've never heard about before and can't wait to actually read them.

You can read these files either on your computer screen, or on another e-book device (Kindle, Nook, other readers, etc) Below are the ones that I downloaded myself, and I am linking to them so that if any of my blog readers are interested, you can quickly access these particular titles by clicking on any of these links. There are actually even more of Alcott's writings on this website, so if you want more you might type her name in their search box. To save the files on your computer, then once you open one of these links, just click on the 2nd icon in the top left corner of the screen.

.:. Louisa May Alcott .:. e-book downloads .:.
Recollections of My Childhood

The Blind Lark

Nelly's Hospital

Scarlet Stockings

The Skipping Shoes

Perilous Play

Marjorie's Three Gifts

A Strange Island

Little Women

Pauline's Passion & Punishment

Hospital Sketches

Flower Fables

Aunt Jo's Scrap-Bag

The Candy Country

Comic Tragedies

A Garland for Girls

Kitty's Class Day And Other Stories

Work: A Story of Experience

The Mysterious Key And What It Opened

Under the Lilacs

Jack and Jill

You should definitely check out this website World eBook Fair and see if you can find other authors & books that you're interested in. I hope to do another blog entry soon about more books that I'll be downloading.


Blessed with Bunnies

Bunnies. Aren't they cute little things?

My family has been blessed enough to be able to watch some cottontail rabbits grow up in our very own backyard. It started with this little one right here.

That first photo was actually taken a few weeks ago. Her name is Cottonberry. Below is a much more recent picture of her, nibbling on some bread -- see how much she's grown!!

Now to see some other members of the family....
Meet the big Momma rabbit:
(who runs away from me quite often)

Next, there's the twins. Here is tiny Thistle...

And this is her brother Basil, who is coming out of his hiding place to get his share of the bread.

In this photo you can see both Thistle & Basil again, along with another bunny, named Kent.

I have been enjoying this experience so much! It's amazing to watch them hop around our yard every day, feed them bread, and become their friend.

When Rabbit said, 'Honey or condensed milk with your bread?'
he was so excited that he said, 'Both,'
and then, so as not to seem greedy,
he added, 'But don't bother about the bread, please.'
- written by A. A. Milne


Favorite Finds #2

I did this about a month ago and thought I would do it again today. I found some nice blog posts in the last few days and wanted to share them on my blog, in case anyone else was interested in reading these.

Don’t Be Afraid to Edit (from Alyssa's Writing Notebook)
Editing is probably the thing I do not enjoy about writing, so this is a good article.

My Dream Library (from Defective Compositions)
How nice to see a peek into her "dream library". What would yours look like?

Hope you enjoy reading those. Have you read anything great or inspiring on a blog/website recently?