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A couple November thoughts

November is coming to an end. And with it, the big month of writing ends. How are you faring with your writing? Have you met your goals for the month? I'm curious to know what kind of progress all my friends have made.

November 30th is also the LAST day to enter in the giveaway for the READ or WRITE sign from My Heartfelt Designs! If you haven't entered yet, be sure to get your name in the contest. Winner will be announced on December 1st!


Dictionary Dash

I've come across some interesting new words lately. They either have unusual spellings, pronunciations, or definitions.

Take a guess at what these words mean by trying to match them up to their definitions below. All guesses are welcome!










A timid, meek, or unassertive person. (noun)

Unexpected; strange; unusual. (adj)

Producing no useful result; lacking use or effect. (adj)

One's own way, choice, or preference. (noun)

Linked together. (adj) ... To link together in a series or chain. (verb)

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GIVEAWAY: for the writers & the readers

To make things exciting for November, especially because of the NaNoWriMo hype going around right now....

I'm giving away a simply delightful prize that a lot of you are really going to like. The prize comes from one of my favorite shops on Etsy!


from . . .
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Well, there's more.
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I have one of my own, which I enjoy seeing there on my desk. If you get one of these, I tell you... it makes a good reminder to read or write! You can hang these signs on the wall, or set them on your desk, table, or on a bookshelf!

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    MyWriMo: Day 11 {Special News}

    How are you all faring during November? How much progress have you made in your writing? I'd love to know what you've accomplished, so please share.
    I am advancing through my current story. I can't say that I have several thousand words yet, but I like how the story is coming along.

    Now for some news you all will enjoy!! > Monday the 14th, here on my blog, I'll be having a giveaway for a special prize!
    Remember this lovely "write" reminder on my desk?

    The little sign comes from this lovely shop: My Heartfelt Designs
    ...and look at all these:

    You're going to have the chance to win one!! So, make sure to stop by next week.


    Favorite Finds #27 {Writing Edition}

    Looking for some writing inspiration this month? Splendid posts about writing can be found at Rachelle's blog, Inspiring Daring. Anytime I visit, she has new thoughts about her latest writing motivations. I've been finding good tidbits in other blogs too, especially in certain posts like this one called Writerly Rambles: Tense, and by scouring the fantastic articles posted on the Southern BelleView blog--I actually just found that place, and it is quite wonderful.

    The Author Culture site contains some good thoughts to keep in mind about writing, and I found this post of theirs to be particularly entertaining: Pre-Writing Preparation (read if especially if you need to lighten up a bit before settling down to write). You might also like perusing some of the questions & answers presented on Wordplay, and then read through this article: 5 Fun and Easy Ways to Lengthen Word Count.

    There are many many methods of tracking down the perfect character name, but if you need to acquire a name for your character quickly (you can always change out their name later on), then grab one (or a few) from the Random Name Generator.

    If you can't put your finger on a certain word you're trying to think of, type the definition into the Reverse Dictionary and it will show you possible choices for a matching word. Handy!

    Another writing tool I found recently: The Bookshelf Muse. If you need help describing a scene, a character, an emotion... they have a helpful list for all these things, ways to describe scenes or actions, all packed into their sidebar. For example, look at all the wonderfulness in the entry for bookstore--reading a book in the aisle, the woodsy, dry scent of paper and cardboard, carrying a basket heavy with books. All that and more.

    If you're looking for other girls who are writing this November, you can look in my sidebar where I have a list of my blogging friends who are writing this month, whether they're doing Nanowrimo or not. I, for one, enjoy keeping up with everyone's progress.


    MyWriMo: Day 1, and Sharing Our Bookshelves {November 2011}

    Today is the start of NaNoWriMo, for many people. For myself, it is the opening day of a month in which I hope to move forward in, concerning my writing. My only goal is to make progress. The focus is not on what my word count will be at the end of these thirty days, but simply on the fact that I did accomplish something. Months have passed since I last tried formulating a story worth writing, and I don't have much to show for in 2011. This is why I would like to set aside this month to have something to remember the year by.

    I have a new bit of inspiration for the month too, as you might have seen in the photo here. Glancing at the word "write" on my desk is sure to be a motivation, don't you think?

    Throughout November I will probably post here and there about what I'm doing, and I hope to hear what you other writers are accomplishing throughout the month too. You are welcome to link to your posts on the linky below, and we can all click over and read each others' posts. (Remember: Sharing Our Bookshelves linky is all about connecting to readers and writers, so whether you're posting about your November writings, or your recent reads, please feel free to link up, all month long.)

    "The great advantage of being a writer is that you can spy on people. You're there, listening to every word, but part of you is observing. Everything is useful to a writer, you see—every scrap, even the longest and most boring of luncheon parties." —Graham Greene, British author