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Sharing Our Bookshelves {June 2012}

Well, my bookish friends... summer is here! What are you reading?

Do you have any booklists to share?
A book review you've written?
Favorite quotes from the book you just finished?

I'd like to find out what's on your 'bookshelf'! Link up your posts below all month long.

Sharing Our Bookshelves @ In the Bookcase


  1. At the moment I am reading Curse of the Narrows by Laura M. MacDonald. It's the story of the explosion of the Mont Blanc and the ensuing disaster in Halifax. It starts out a bit dry, but as it progresses, becomes much more interesting. It is a very horrifying tale.

  2. I thought it was about time that I joined in your "Sharing Our Bookshelves". I didn't do much, just a little reading list I have compiled for a summer reading challenge. But anyway, I joined in!
    I hope you have a wonderful week!
    ~Purity Leigh

  3. Tarissa, I just love that you do these. About the middle of the last week of each month, I grow all excited ~ oh, the link-up is soon! :)


  4. Got halfway through MacDonald's book before quitting. She goes into too much gory detail. It's enough to make a person ill. Very sad event, but gruesome book.

  5. I so enjoy these link-up's Tarissa! Just thought I'd let you know. Thank you my dear friend! :D

    Pray you are doing well.
    Love in Christ,

  6. Anonymous6/13/2012

    I am glad I found your link up! I will be participating starting in July.