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A dozen days of writing.

Today is the twelfth day of intense writing for many people this year. It's so fascinating to peek over at just about anyone's blog and find out that they have some sort of writing goals for month too!

I'm extremely curious to know how far everyone has made it so far. At almost the halfway point in the challenge, are you on track for getting almost halfway to your goal? If you've stopped by to read my blog, I'd love to hear your thoughts and goals. Comment below and link up your writing-related posts in the monthly Sharing Our Bookshelves event.

My aspiration for the month .:. To make progress each day of November, whether it be by writing a few hundred words in my story, or by fleshing out some of the details that I still have yet to figure out by the end of the novel.
---I'm hoping this is the story that I can eventually (not this month though!) turn into my first novel. Currently I'm at 8,000 words.


My story is historical fiction. And, my! There are so many topics to research in order to get all the details just right: River Thames, Henley-on-Thames (an English town), the R.M.S. Titanic, the Gilded Age, the Edwardian era, train connections in England, the life of British servants, the 1912 Olympics.... the list goes on. But it's certainly an enjoyable set of topics to learn about while I write.

What kind of topics have you needed to research for your writing projects?


  1. I'm writing a historical novel as well! Your topics seem far more feasible than mine, which is a confusing time in this country of history. Spain in the 1960s :)Research has been pretty difficult, but I had a Spanish teacher from Spain and I'm hoping he'll provide me with some details that I'll miss in the history books.

    Is your goal 50K as well? I'm currently at 17,009 and I need to get writing to meet today's quota of 20,000!

    OHMYGOODNESS, would you mind sharing with me your NaNo link address? I'd love to add you as a buddy!

  2. I'm at about 7,000 words. My story is also historical fiction. Hm, research has taken me into various topics. Mainly life of Edwardians in general, pre-WWI German spy rings in Britain and the sinking of the Volturno. The latter is what my story is based on.

  3. I am now up to 13,321 words. :D

  4. Celtic Anne11/25/2012

    Thanks for the inspiration, Tarissa! If it weren't for you, I don't think I'd would have done any writing this month. You need to post an update soon to let us know how far you've made it.

    I've written 9k words this month, which isn't much. But it's more than I've pushed myself to write the entire year. I need to check out some more books from the library about missionary nurses in the tropical jungles, hopefully to gain a bit more insight. Talk to you soon!