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Sharing Our Bookshelves {November 2012}

Ah! I've been writing in my new story, and feeling quite excited about the project before me. Day 1 and Day 2 of November (MyWriMo) have been successful writing days. I feel like I've gotten so much more work done than I have all year. And that's with just a few hundred words for both days day. More about writing later on in the month.

There are a couple Favorite Finds that I just had to share before I let any more time go by. And also I need to post the monthly link-up for Sharing Our Bookshelves. --- As usual, the link-up is open all month long for anything book-related or writing-related... so if you're posting on your blog about your writing... come share, so that we all can read!

Favorite Finds

The Children's Titanic Paper Dolls
{Simply Vintagegirl}

I'm terribly excited about the new paper dolls that Emily Rose and Breezy Brookshire have been working on. A complete set, including playsets of the Titanic and the unforgettable people who lived and died on the great ship.

Giveaway: Win $20 in Graphic Design
{Pixel Berry Pie Designs}

I'm giving away any prize from Pixel Berry Pie Designs to a special winner, who can choose a new blog header, an Etsy banner package, (any other type of graphics) or free ad space for their blog or business.
Contest ends November 5th.

Sharing Our Bookshelves


  1. Anonymous11/02/2012

    I'd like to invite you to join me for the Giving Thanks Challenge that I am hosting through the month of November. I'm sure you will be blessed!

    Joyful Reader

  2. Celtic Anne11/25/2012

    Great links! I love the reviews.