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Sharing Our Bookshelves {April 2013}

What great books have you been reading?

My favorite titles from this past month include:

Start Here by Alex & Brett Harris
{my review}

Cougar Chase by Jeff Nesbit
(High Sierra Adventure #2)
{my review}

The Bungalow Mystery by Carolyn Keene
(Nancy Drew #3)
{my review}

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As for April's reading plan, I'm looking forward to diving into the subject of the Titanic a bit (seeing as how the anniversary of the fateful shipwreck is coming up again, this month). I'll be sharing some book reviews and other posts along the way.

In the meantime, link up your bookish blog posts!


  1. Ooh, I need to read some Nancy Drew books! *blush* I've yet to read one. ;) Maybe soon, I hope. This year I'm trying to focus more on non-fiction books, but I'm not getting as many completed (they just seem to sit for ages on my bookcase).

    What do you think you'll read next? :)

  2. I really only just started reading Nancy Drew books this past year, Rachel. I'm surprised that I waited until my adult life before starting in on such a good children's mystery series. :-)

    Currently I'm reading some books on the Titanic, including a couple that are written by the man who located the shipwreck, decades after the Titanic sunk (Robert Ballard). Really enjoying this!

  3. Hi Tarissa! :) Nice to meet you! :) I saw your blog advertised @ Goodreads, on the "Do You Write a Book Blog" poll, and the name of your blog sounded cool, so I had to come check it out! :) Looks like you have a lot of really interesting info on historical things that I can learn about (I love researching stuff :D) and your header's very cool! :) I love the friendly warmth of your blog, too. :) And it's sooo cool that you're reading one of my favorite series - Nancy Drew! :D I haven't read all of them, but I love quite a few. :) I also love the Hardy Boys books. :D

    I want to check out more of your blog! :)

    See you around! :)