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Win 'Dangerous Waters, An Adventure on Titanic'

Dangerous Waters It was brought to my attention by Miss J.G. that is giving away a copy of a book that I personally enjoyed last year.

Win a copy of Dangerous Waters, An Adventure on Titanic by Gregory Mone.

Click here to enter the contest!
(Entry deadline is March 29th)

You just have to answer the Titanic trivia question that is asked on the entry page. (Psssttt... You can easily find the answer in my Titanic posts from last year if you need to.)


A quickie.

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A special giveaway.

Just thought you might like to know... I'm giving away a gift certificate to Shabby Apple! Visit my other blog to enter. You have until the 15th of March! (U.S. residents only, please)

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Sharing Our Bookshelves {March 2013}

What are you currently reading, friends? If you've recently posted booklists, reviews, etc., then link up your blog below. Sharing Our Bookshelves is a place for us bookworms to share and discover some great new reads.

2013 has been a wonderful start to an awesome year of reading for me. In February, there are a couple of books that really stood out to me:

The Golden Road by L.M. Montgomery
~*~ Read my review here. ~*~

... and ...

Chasing the Wind by Robert Elmer
(#5, The Young Underground series)
~*~ Read my review here. ~*~

Sharing Our Bookshelves @ In the Bookcase
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