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Book Review: Sally's Movie Diary

Sally's Movie Diary Sally's Movie Diary

written by Catherine Harriott

112 pages, children's fiction
published in 2014

4 Star Rating 4 Star Rating 4 Star Rating 4 Star Rating

"Sally's Movie Diary" is the brand new companion book to Catherine Harriott's "Missing in Time" (see my review).

Summary: In "Missing in Time", Sally Soforth happened to fall backwards in time, to 1912. While she was trapped as a housemaid over a century ago, she made a new friend -- a boy named Adrian Merryweather. They got along well, although, due to their time difference, Adrian couldn't always comprehend Sally's comments about the films she enjoyed so much.

In this new book, Sally pens down her thoughts on movies, since she wants Adrian to learn more about the fantastic world of cinematography. Reviewing some of her own favorites, Sally covers quite a variety, from black-and-white classics to modern-made movies (the perfect kind of selection for my taste). I'm not saying that I would watch all of the movies included, but it was fun to read about them in a diary/story format.

Within each chapter, you're not just reading a girl's point-of-view about movies, but you're learning interesting tidbits and behind-the-scenes facts (things that will make you look cool when you tell other people about the movie!). Some of my favorite diary entries were about "The Wizard of Oz", "Mary Poppins", and "Up". I became interested in other films Sally talked about like "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" and "The Secret of Roan Inish". I'm sure you'll find some "new" movies to interest you when reading the diary.

Overall, this is a great book, and makes for a fun read -- especially if you're interested in getting the scoop on the magic of the cinema.

So happy to have been a beta reader for this book!

Sally's Movie Diary is now available on as an e-book, which can be read on a Kindle, computer, iPad, etc. *Currently available for FREE!

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