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Joining the 2015 LMM Reading Challenge!

Carrie from Reading to Know is, again, hosting one of my favorite reading challenges that I look forward to... each year!

January is the month of the Lucy Maud Montgomery Reading Challenge. Everyone is invited to select LMM titles of their own choosing... and make time to read the books on their list throughout the month. Very fun! I always love making sure that I read at least one LMM book each year, so this challenge is perfect for me.

L. M. Montgomery Reading Challenge

This January, I'm diving into Chronicles of Avonlea. This book contains a lovely collection of Montgomery's short tales that surround our favorite Anne Shirley and her Avonlea friends. Having never read these stories before, I'm enjoying it quite well!

Be sure to stop by Carrie's blog to see the full list of the Reading to Know Classics Book Club, to see what they'll be reading together each month. I already know a few months that I'll want to join in. The books that excite me the most are Christy, Laddie, the Narnia challenge. (But I'll probably read along during a few other months too, as I just can't help myself from it!)

Reading to Know - Book Club

What books do you plan on reading this year?

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  1. Yay! I'm glad you are "in"! And I'm also glad you are picking up a new-to-you book. That's awesome.