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Book Review: God's Servant Job [A Poem with a Promise]

God's Servant Job by Douglas Bond (5 star review)

God's Servant Job
A Poem with a Promise

written by Douglas Bond
illustrated by Todd Shaffer

32 pages // published in 2015 // children's picture book // Bible story

My Review...

5 Star Rating

Douglas Bond's new children's picture book is beautiful. It illustrates the story of Job well, and is easy for kids to understand. When the story is finished, you do indeed feel like you've just read "a poem with a promise" (as the subtitle implies).

The poem is well thought out, covering the story of Job as we know it -- but also describing it in depth and really bringing in relatable emotions for kids to connect with. I think it is best to read it aloud with your child, for at least the first time it is read -- due to some of the longer poetic phrases or bigger words. "God's Servant Job" can easily be used as a conversation starter with kids, as there are many things to discuss while you read.

Handily included in the back of the book are a list of big words with definitions, questions about the story, and questions that can help your child relate Job's story to their own life.

"I know that my Redeemer lives!
And with His life my sin forgives.
O Jesus, Lord, I'll hope and pray,
And patient be -- though come what may."
(Douglas Bond, God's Servant Job)

The only critical thing I can think of is that one thing that doesn't look "Biblical" is the illustration of Satan himself. He is characterized as a tall, blue dude dressed like an evil scientist -- and with a smoking pipe in hand, no less. All other illustrations appear to be true to the times, or what you would expect illustrated Bible stories to look like. I'm not sure what this is intended to signal to kids about the Devil, but it was unexpected (and seemed a little out of place). But! It doesn't detract from my high opinion of the book overall; I just felt it needed mentioning.

We need more Biblical books like this -- and I hope Mr. Bond will consider writing more of these.

Thanks to the author and Netgalley for the free review copy & for the opportunity to express my honest opinions.

God's Servant Job has just been released in October! [Buy your copy from Amazon.]

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  1. Shelley11/18/2015

    This looks like a fantastic choice for our homeschool!