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Book Review: Kate's Innocence

Kate's Innocence by Sarah Holman (5 star review)

Kate's Innocence
Kate's Case Files, #1

written by Sarah Holman

118 pages // published in 2015 // Christian fiction // adventure

My Review...

5 Star Rating

Kate's Innocence is the first book in the brand new series from Sarah Holman, the Kate's Case Files series.

In this book, we find a young woman, Kate Mayfield, in an increasingly tough situation. Her college is bombed. Explosions rock the campus on the night that her life turns on her. Once the FBI intervene, the detective work gets going, and the fingers point towards Kate.

Life after high school in a military family meant going through a tour-of-duty in Africa and the Middle East for Kate. Now she's back in Minnesota getting a chemical engineering degree. It's what you do when you're going to become an explosives expert for the army. At a college where the students are all either political or military families, there are so many potential reasons why a bomb was placed on campus. What Kate can't figure out is who really was behind the damage -- but she seriously needs to get the FBI off her back. Pushing for her own innocence in the bombing incident is tricky, especially when even Kate herself can't deny the incriminating evidence.

I have a new fictional character to add to my favorites list. Logan, a young FBI agent, a girly-girl who knows how to kick criminals to the curb. In a skirt. This book may be about Kate's story, but Logan (along with the other FBI agents) play a big part in the plot and dialogue too. Patrick is another of the agents, and he's a keeper too. He tries to believe Kate when she says that she's not guilty -- even if it is hard to clear away all the compromising elements.

"It's my job to put the bad guys away and make sure innocent people don't get hurt. And with God's help, I am going to prove you are innocent." (Sarah Holman, Kate's Innocence)
This book upholds strong Christian morals... as ALL of Sarah Holman's stories do. I believe it is written for an adult audience, but it's a completely clean read. There is talk of dating, and perhaps the desire for a relationship between some characters. Still, it's appropriate for teens of any age to be interested in.

Kate's Innocence is a terrific adventure into the world of the FBI!

Immediately, I'm hooked on this first book, and anticipate the rest of the series. Apparently there will be 11 books!

Kate's Innocence releases today, Nov. 16th!! [Buy your copy from Amazon.]
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