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2 Short Story Reviews: Home for Christmas & A Perfectly Imperfect Christmas

A Literary Christmas: 2017 Reading Challenge //

I have TWO short stories I want to share with you today.

I hope you check them out --

First up is a story for young readers or families to enjoy...

Home for Christmas by Rebekah A. Morris (4 star review)

Home for Christmas
Christmas Collection

written by Rebekah A. Morris

70 pages // published in 2017 // Christian children's fiction


Feeling that life is unfair when her father is killed in the front lines of France and she has to live with her relatives on a western farm, twelve-year-old Susanna Stanson runs away to the city. She decides that all will be well when she reaches her old home, but a severe snowstorm interrupts her trip.

My Review

4 Star Rating

Twelve-year-old Susanna Stanson is feeling out of place, miserable, and whether she knows it or not, is grieving. Now orphaned, she's been sent to the Rocky Mountains to her aunt and uncle's house to stay. She's not happy with her circumstances at all. And right before Christmas, she decides that she's going back to the city, alone...

“Deep in her heart she knew the truth. She was not shut out but had chosen to ignore what was offered to her.”

The story obviously takes place during the hard years of World War I, since her father was sent to France, where he died fighting. Being out in the country with extended family, away from the city life she's used to, life is much more slow-paced. (It was like being transported to the setting of Little House on the Prairie – a bit.) Except Susanna finds this kind of life very disagreeable... at least, until God sends a snowstorm her way.

Perfect for a read-aloud Christmas story with the family. I think it took approximately 30 minutes to read myself.

It shares the joy and triumph of Jesus' birth, while illustrating the wonderfulness of forgiveness, and the happiness that one can always find if you look for it.

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And now for today's 2nd review...

Teens will especially enjoy it!

A Perfectly Imperfect Christmas by Tessa Emily Hall (5 star review)

A Perfectly Imperfect Christmas
prequel to Purple Moon

written by Tessa Emily Hall

a few pages // published in 2015 // Christian YA


Prequel short story to the YA novel, PURPLE MOON by Tessa Emily Hall (available on Amazon and B&N).

My Review

5 Star Rating

If you enjoy YA fiction, but you haven't read Purple Moon yet, you should.

If you have read Purple Moon, but you haven't read its accompanying prequel, you should. It's a free read online, and only takes about ten minutes or so to read. So why not?

Now, Purple Moon dealt with some gritty topics, like underage drinking, smoking, and other adult situations. Like I said in my review for the novel, I felt like these kind of situations were presented with great tact.

In this prequel, we meet 16-year-old Selena Taylor before her mom has gone to rehab for her alcoholic ways. And it's Christmastime. So it's not the happiest or most thrilling holiday that Selena has ever enjoyed – but she's trying to make the best of it.

Yes, it was great to see a peek into what Selena's life was like in Brooklyn, before we met her in North Carolina, staying at her cousin's house. Her overall story (as found in Purple Moon) is all about redemption. Through this short read, we see what she had to rise from, and her story becomes more powerful.

Now I'm all set for when the novel sequel to Purple Moon comes out next year!

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  1. Thanks for sharing about my story. I've never heard of Purple Moon. Now I'll have to look into it. :)

  2. nice for the holidays