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Choose Your Own Story Adventure: Journey Through Taelis

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Today I’m taking part in Sarah Holman’s "Choose Your Own Story" event. We're celebrating the release of her latest book, Escape and Endurance!! (In this event, you get to pick the outcome of the story by making choices.) A lot of different things can happen. What are you waiting for?

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Today's adventure decision...

     Andrew set off in the opposite direction. He felt a little guilty after all he was a knight. And sworn to protect women. However, he knew that he wasn’t the only one who had been wronged by the princess. Just the thought of Gail’s smug airs and unkind ways was enough to keep him moving.

     He soon found the spring weather did much to soothe his conscience. When he finally was finished wondering aimlessly, he decided that would go visit…

His Mentor A Woodcutter

Are you interested in reading about a knight, a tower, a princess, and a servant? Pick up a copy of Escape and Endurance!

Haven’t read the other books in the Tales of Taelis series? Not to worry. Each book can stand alone.

Check out my own 5-star review of Escape and Endurance, just posted earlier this week.

About Sarah:

Sarah Holman is a not-so-typical girl, a homeschool graduate, sister to six awesome siblings, and lives in the great state of Texas. If there’s anything adventuresome about her life, it’s because she serves a God with a destiny greater than anything she could have imagined.

You can find out more about her at her website:

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  1. This is such a fun post! I really enjoy this type of story because you can read it over again and have a completely different experience. :)